Recommendations On Off Season Vessel Storage From A Vancouver Marine Surveyor

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  1. A very common practice and one that insurance companies list as a marine hazard to be checked is the turning to the “Off” position all below water line thru hulls valves, for a vessel that will be moored for any length of time at anchor or tied up to a marina float. There are two ways a thru hull valve can fail: The valve itself can let go and begin to leak and more seriously, the hose and piping to whatever the valve is in taking or discharging from let go or disintegrate from electrolysis or vibration etc. Some of this piping or hosing can be hidden and is not regularly serviced and or retightened etc. This condition can cause the vessel is sink at the dock or mooring if not caught in time.
  2. Vessels commonly plugged into shore power should be fitted with “Electronic Galvanic Isolators” to prevent accidental stray currents which are common in the marina settings from damage your wiring, excessive sacrificial anode wear and other problems associated with “Hot Marina” moorage areas.

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