New Crab Boat, Prosperity I

Spiller Marine Services have designed and built a 39.5 ft. license length crab fishing vessel.

This uniquely designed crab boat has a 10 ft. diameter bulbous bow designed in part to hold up the 90,000 lb fwd. crab tank.

More information on the Prosperity I...

Western Mariner Magazine

Composite Twin Screw Tug

  • 1000HP Composite Twin Screw
  • 46ft x 25ft x 12ft
  • Next generation composite boatbuilding
  • Hardened epoxy, kevlar reinforced glass fibre
  • Harder & stronger than steel, non corroding
  • Variable displacement capabilities
  • Speed and fuel efficiency running light displacement
  • Stability and pulling power at full displacement
  • Variable horsepower options

Design & Stability Work

Now using SolidWorks 3D CAD design software for precise 3D modelling, ground up design, concept to completion.

Designs, study plans, and renderings for all mediums. Simplified affordable stability assesments for Worksafe BC and Transport Canada.

Marine Surveying

Certified, professional marine surveyors are available on short notice in British Columbia.